About Flex Fitness

Flex Fitness specializes in group fitness, Our workouts include Circuit Training Classes, Strength Training Classes, and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Classes. Our unique programs and trainers will inspire you to get outside your comfort zone, find your strength, have fun and be the best version of you.

Location & Directions

We are centrally located at Centennial Lakes Plaza which is just off France Ave. We are on the lower level and directly next to GoGlow.

7491 France Avenue S, Edina, MN 55435



Our Cardio classes vary on the daily, but one thing stays the same – our objective is to push you outside of your comfort zone. Without the challenge there is no change. The science behind out workout has proven that HIIT can provide the very best path to burning fat, building strength, and increasing your lung capacity. Basically, you will be walking out the door burning calories for hours after this heart pumping workout!

Our 60 min Flex strength classes rotate between upper, lower, and full body. Get ready to push yourself to new limits. You’ll increase endurance, build lean muscle, and improve your overall calories burned at rest. Leave looking and feeling stronger than ever.

Our circuit days use a basic format –up to one minute of maximum work at various stations and will push you to your edge. This class is designed for the Flex athletes that loves high-reps and desires the challenge of returning to a movement for another chance to lift heavier or beat their previous reps! High volume, and lighter weights gets you that cut look you’re chasing so you can really Flex your fitness!

Amenities are an understatement.

Katie Jepsen


I’m beyond excited to share the skills and knowledge I have gained over the last 15 years in the fitness industry with all of you at Flex Fitness!

Kayla Stoos


My top priority is to provide you with a safe and inclusive environment. Bringing everyone together with a common goal – making fitness fun again!