Kayla Stoos

Kayla Stoos

Owner / Studio Manager

My name is Kayla Stoos and I am the Studio Manager for Flex Fitness.

Since the moment I picked up a basketball at the age of 2 being an athlete was the way of life. There wasn’t a sport I didn’t try at least once. I loved the competitiveness, the teamwork, and the ability to move my body in a high intensity environment.

But as the story normally goes after high school, I found myself in a corporate 9-5 job. My activity level went from the highest level to almost nonexistent. I spent close to a decade working in a high stress, office environment. It became extremely hard for me to find the time, energy, and motivation to move my body. Ultimately, I gained an unhealthy amount of weight.

So, in 2018 I mad ethe decision to change my career and start leading a healthier lifestyle. I left the corporate world, started working out at a group fitness studio making fitness a priority again. I connected immediately to the workout and the community. I was able to reconnect with my former self and ultimately over the next couple years lost 80lbs and shifted my career into fitness management.

My top priority for you at Flex is to provide you with a safe and inclusive environment. Bringing everyone together with a common goal- making fitness fun again!